Engineered Hardwood Flooring Lasts a Lifetime

Beautiful interior spaces don’t just happen. They’re created - one detail at a time.

Designers imagine every aspect, starting with the floor. They know the most iconic interiors begin at ground level, and the flooring they choose must be as durable as it is striking, now and for years to come. That’s why they choose V3.

V3’s concept of cross-banding hardwood layers for maximum stability and balanced flooring construction isn’t new. Expert craftsmen have used this process for nearly a century, and these floors remain incredibly flat and stable.

V3 incorporates not one - but 3 - layers of resilient northern hardwoods, the hardiest species found in nature. Each plank is cut wide to reveal its beauty and create an extraordinary old-world look.

The center layer is cured using a StableCor™ technology, developed and used exclusively by Schafer Hardwood Flooring Co., and it’s bonded to top-quality outer layers.

The process blends equal parts of art, skill, and technology, and the result is incomparable flooring that sets the stage for some of the most prestigious installations across the U.S. and Canada.

V3 Never Reveals Its Age

Hardwood has become the flooring of choice, both for residential and many commercial applications. The market for plywood-based flooring has grown rapidly, and as they’ve become less expensive to manufacture, they have become the choice sub-structure for engineered hardwood floors. But not all veneers are created equally.

The majority of plywood available today are created using 9-11 layers of Baltic Birch veneers or similar material forced together with adhesives and pressure. Over time and with extremes of cold, heat, and humidity, the hardwood top layer of these veneers tends to fight against the plywood sublayers. The result is flooring that cups, or lifts, along the sides of the boards, creating unsightly waves across the floors’ surface that you can see and feel. In addition, the many layers of veneer require many layers of glue joints, greatly increasing the risk of adhesion failure or delamination. These are common issues concerning plywood-based flooring.

V3 ¾” engineered hardwood flooring was developed to eliminate these problems and remain as beautiful for future generations as it was the day it was installed. Each piece of V3 is created using StableCor™ technology: 3 layers of solid-sawn specially cured North American hardwood adhered with two incredibly stable glue joints secured with an American-made adhesive. The result is floor that never cups, waves, gaps or reveals its age even after years of use. V3 is beautifully crafted to last a lifetime.

It’s High-Tech, Yet Low Maintenance.

V3 is the perfect example of grace under pressure.

It’s undeniably stunning flooring. Wide planks made from select, premium timber create the look of an heirloom floor – one you’ll rarely see in any new installation. But it’s not a delicate beauty. V3 is made to stay breathtaking without special care or maintenance. StableCor™ construction perfectly melds 3 layers of solid northern hardwoods, making this flooring an industry leader for durability, even in extreme climates. V3 is also great for the environment: It’s petroleum free, formaldehyde free, and 100% VOC free.

V3 has a lifetime warranty. But odds are you’ll never need it. It’s engineered hardwood flooring designed to remain solid, stable, and beautiful – for a lifetime. Your lifetime.


  • All products available from 5” – 11” widths and 18” – 10’ standard lengths, with a 4' – 5' average
  • Northern Clear, Select, Natural, and Character Grades
  • Cuts available in Plain Sawn, Rift and Quartered, All Rift, All Quartered, and Live Sawn
  • Custom Techniques: True Hand-Scraped, Wire Brush, Herringbone, and Chevron
  • Custom Specifications available: Lengths, Widths, Grade, 5/8” Thickness & Species


  • Versatile in application
  • Functional and has lasting value
  • Beautiful in design and appearance
  • Easy to maintain
  • 100% VOC free

Our Market

Architects, designers, contractors, and homeowners who are searching for a wide-plank flooring that delivers function, beauty, style and versatility will find V3 perfectly suited to their needs. Those in the Northern U.S. and Canada facing the challenges of humidity extremes will especially appreciate V3’s durability.

The ¾” 3-ply wide plank flooring has been scientifically designed to solve many design challenges, while offering an elegant look. Whatever your project requires in hardwood flooring choices, we welcome you to join the many homeowners and professionals across America who choose V3 flooring.

V3 StablCor™ Technology

V3’s StablCor™ technology eliminates the problems associated with many types of engineered flooring. Frequently, those complications arise over radiant heat, glue-down applications, basements, in seasonal housing, and when the climate has extreme swings in temperature and humidity. Whatever your project requires in hardwood flooring choices, we welcome you to join the many homeowners, professionals, business owners, architects, and designers across America who choose V3.

1.Tongue & Groove

Tongue and grooved, end-matched, square-edged, .005“ tolerance ensures excellent fit and finish.

2. Face Layer

Up to 6mm thick (after 100 grit panel sanding) sawn North American hardwood layer results in natural grain patterns indistinguishable from solid hardwood flooring. Can be re-sanded and finished multiple times.

3. Core Layer

10mm thick cross-plied North American hardwood core utilizing StableCor™ Technology minimizes movement and controls stability.

4. Bottom Layer

4.5mm thick North American hardwood.

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