V3: It’s a Matter of Style

The first thing designers, architects, and customers notice about V3 is its uncompromising style.

In a world of mass-manufactured, narrow-plank veneers, V3 is a flooring icon. V3 embraces the elegance of wide-plank design. Each top-quality piece is chosen for maximum impact – that “wow” factor you won’t find in other brands of engineered hardwood flooring.

V3 is crafted from top quality North American hardwoods and select exotic woods, giving it a striking appearance in any setting. White Oak, Red Oak, Hickory, American Cherry, American Walnut, and Hard Maple are our most popular species; but we’ve also created extraordinary flooring using Ash, Sapele, and Brazilian Cherry, as well as many other species. V3 comes in a wide selection of widths, lengths, grades, and textures to match your needs. Additionally, you can custom order V3 to match your specifications. If you need custom lengths, widths, species, textures, grades, or wear layers - we can accommodate you!


The market for hardwood flooring has become far more sophisticated and complex, and wood flooring is being requested for a wide spectrum of new projects. But harsh climates and non-traditional applications have added a new twist: Today’s hardwood floors must be as durable and stable as they are attractive.

V3’s beauty is more than skin deep. Its true appeal lies in its stability and versatility. To create V3, we cross-ply 3 layers of hardwood for maximum performance and durability. The center layer is specially cured using Schafer Hardwood Flooring Co.’s exclusive StableCor™ Technology. This provides an ultimate level of stability with far less expansion and contraction than you’ll experience with other types of wood flooring. Plus, there are only two glue joints - secured with an American-made adhesive - that bond the 3 layers of hardwood, ensuring 100% adhesion the entire length of each board.

The result is V3, an incredibly strong, stable engineered wood flooring product that resists the damaging effects of extreme temperatures and humidity – environments that would cause cupping, waving, or gapping in other wood floors. In extensive testing, V3 ¾” 3-ply wide plank flooring was found to be 90% more stable than ¾” solid hardwood flooring and 50% more stable than engineered hardwood flooring with Baltic Birch plywood.

Note that V3’s manufacturing process – and all of the processes at Schafer Hardwood Flooring Co. – were developed in harmony with the environment. All components are processed with no byproduct waste. They are petroleum free, VOC free, and formaldehyde free.

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Endless Versatility

V3 flooring was created to withstand even the toughest conditions in the Northern U.S. and Canada. However, it’s ideal for more temperate climates as well, even those experiencing extreme – or a lack of – humidity. Whether your project is in a dry climate such as the central mountain region, or in a humid climate like in the southern states, you can count on V3 for a lifetime of beautiful performance.

What about below-grade applications, or those over a radiant heating system or concrete sub-floor? They’re no problem for V3. It’s the ideal choice for almost every construction, renovation, or home improvement application. Its StableCor™ construction allows it to go where other wood flooring options don’t go.