Builders and Installers

Builders and Installers

When we created V3 flooring, we kept the needs of the builder and installer in mind. V3 offers all the features and benefits you need in a specialty hardwood flooring product, including:


Color and grain patterns are consistent from one bundle to the next

Time savings:

The precise milling and quality of our product results in consistent flooring that requires less filling and sanding


We offer custom widths, lengths, grades, and textures to meet your customers' specific needs

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Where can I use V3 flooring?

V3 flooring is a modern, engineered wood flooring that's ideal for installing in a wide variety of projects applications. In addition to new construction and remodeling projects, V3 can be used for:

Basements and Other Below-Grade Areas

As clients look for ways to increase their living space, many look to their basements. They’re a great way to get more space without delving into a full construction project. Until now, hardwood floors were not suited for installation below grade because they tend to be high-moisture areas, which can wreak havoc on solid wood or typical plywood veneers. But the specialized ¾” 3-ply wide plank construction in V3 flooring minimizes the wood's natural tendency to expand and contract, making it perfect for these types of applications.

Over Radiant Heat

Radiant heating systems are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. However, radiant heat lowers the moisture content of solid hardwood flooring, causing excessive shrinkage and gapping.

V3 flooring is the ideal solution: Its 3 layers of North American hardwood are specially cured through an exclusive process developed by Schafer Hardwood Flooring Co., then cross-plied to ensure stability and minimal floor movement.

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