Engineered Hardwood Flooring: A History

The passion for creating the perfect hardwood floor began more than 80 years ago, in some of the most prestigious residences and institutions across the U.S. and Europe. Early century artisans began experimenting with solid hardwood veneers, eventually crafting incredibly stable ¾” flooring that was ideally suited for even their most difficult projects.

The Problem

As the demand for engineered wood flooring grew, technology made multi-veneer plywood less expensive to manufacture. It was soon the sub-structure of choice for engineered wood floors.

But despite its popularity, plywood-based flooring had one weakness: The sawn hardwood used for its top layer was stronger and more stable than the plywood it was bonded to. It expanded and contracted differently than its plywood substructure, which was typically made from Baltic Birch. With changes in temperature and humidity, the planks can begin to cup, or lift, along the sides of floor boards.

Not only that, most plywood is processed using 9-11 layers of wood, held together with many glue joints.

That presents a lot of opportunity for bonding failure, also known as delamination.

The Solution

We inherited that old-world passion for the perfect wide-plank floor. But we took that passion one step further and developed the technology to make it stand up to nearly every sort of climate.

V3 is ¾” 3-ply wide plank flooring which has solved the problems of cupping and delamination, and solved them beautifully. Our flooring bonds 3 layers of solid-sawn hardwood, cured using our exclusive StableCor™ process, and cross-plied for balanced construction. The hardwood layers create superior stability with virtually no gapping or cupping. Plus, they’re 100% bonded along only two glue joints secured with an American-made adhesive. The result is a product that’s far more stable than other types of engineered hardwood flooring.

Our V3 materials and manufacturing process are 100% VOC free (free of formaldehyde and solvents). You can enjoy the flooring of your lifetime without worrying about your health or the health of the environment.

StableCor™ Technology

V3 flooring features StableCor™ Technology - a blend of old-world craftsmanship with today’s technology. The center layer of every piece of V3 is specially cured in our exclusive process. It resists cupping, waving, and delamination, even in climates with temperature and humidity extremes.

This technology is at the core of one of the world’s finest hardwood flooring products with an incredible number of options:

  • All products available from 5” – 11” widths and 18” – 10’ standard lengths with a 4’ – 5’ average
  • Northern Clear, Select, Natural, and Character Grades
  • Cuts available in Plain Sawn, Rift and Quartered, All Rift, All Quartered, and Live Sawn
  • Custom products: True Hand-Scraped, Wire Brush, Herringbone, Chevron, and Pre-finished
  • Custom specifications available: Lengths, Widths, Grade, Wear Layer Thickness, Overall Flooring Thickness & Species
  • All components are processed with no byproduct waste and are 100% VOC free.

V3 Flooring Specifications

Product Construction

¾” 3-ply wide plank with StableCor™ Technology – North American hardwood cross-plied for balanced construction.


¾” (19mm) overall – Matches trims, vents, and nosings for easy installation. 5/8” thickness available.


18” – 10’ standard with 4’ – 5’ average depending on grade; custom lengths available.


5” – 11” – Wide array of design options.

Wear layer

4.5mm (after 100 grit panel sanding) – Custom 6mm available.


Tongue and grooved, end-matched, square edged, .005” tolerance ensures excellent fit and finish. Herringbone and Chevron available.


Northern domestic, including White Oak, Red Oak, Hickory, American Cherry, American Walnut, Ash and Hard Maple, and selected exotics.


Clear, Select, Natural, and Character standard. Custom grades available.

Surface texture

Panel sanded to 100 grit. True hand scraping, edge detailing, and wire brushing available.


Nail or glue down according to N.W.F.A. Guidelines.


Standard unfinished square edge or micro-bevel. Custom available.


Radiant heat, concrete, plywood, oriented strand board, below grade. Commercial and residential.


Petroleum free, formaldehyde free, qualified LEED points. 100% VOC free.