The V3 Story

Every worthwhile product on Earth begins with a story. In V3’s case, the story began as a conversation. Scott Schafer, founder of Schafer Hardwood Flooring Co., was relaxing with a colleague one evening, discussing the problems with solid hardwood flooring and the engineered alternatives that were currently on the market.

“There were a lot of things we liked about the products currently being manufactured, but they consistently have issue with performance,” Scott said.  “We knew what our clients wanted from engineered hardwood floor, what they needed from it, and what they just weren't finding with current products.”

The conversation turned from product shortcomings into ideas, and those ideas turned into a plan. “I brought out a legal pad and we wrote down all the pros and cons of various manufactured products,” he added. “We looked at each other, and said, ‘We can do this.’ That’s where it all started. That’s where V3 began.”

The next step was research, sifting through nearly 100 years of research to find which materials and techniques would produce the most beautiful, yet stable, engineered hardwood flooring ever created. V3 flooring, featuring StableCor™ Technology is the most stable ¾ 3-ply” wide plank flooring for today’s marketplace and beyond.

Producing the Perfect Engineered Flooring – Every Time

We start with premium North American hardwood - hardwood that produces tight, strong, and straight flooring boards. Next, we control the moisture level to exacting specifications to ensure stable and consistent floor boards that will perform well in all climate ranges. Our precision milling techniques allow for tight, clean fits from one floor board to the next, creating a harmonious and exquisite looking floor with minimal waste and sanding.

Our unique 3-ply system incorporates 3 layers of North American hardwood, specially cured and cross-plied to ensure stability and eliminate cupping. Yet, you’d never know it’s engineered hardwood. V3 ¾” 3-ply wide plank flooring was designed to look and feel like traditional ¾” solid hardwood flooring. The standard 4.5 mm wear layer can be re-sanded and finished multiple times.

V3’s durability and versatility are matched by its beauty. It’s available in a limitless variety of domestic Northern hardwoods and selected exotic species. Custom widths, lengths, grades, and textures are also available.

The final result is a revolutionary wide plank engineered floor that will endure the elements, defy nature, and remain stable in virtually every environment. V3 remains free of VOCs and is produced using 100% VOC-free technology. It’s as gentle on the environment as it is stylish, stable, and versatile.

V3 flooring is uniquely designed for commercial, industrial, and residential applications to remain beautiful and last a lifetime. Your lifetime.

Client Testimonials

“The wood flooring is gorgeous - very good quality.  nice boards and they fit together perfectly.  Thanks for a great product!”

David & Lisa

Homeowners;  Grass Lake, MI

“When my customers ask me what floors to use, I ALWAYS recommend Schafer flooring. Their V3 engineered floor is an awesome product, to say the least. The people at Schafer are a pleasure to work with, as well. They go the extra mile on even the smallest jobs.”

Kevin Klosterman

Kevin Klosterman Hardwoods;  Toledo, OH

“V3 engineered flooring is premium hardwood flooring with exceptional milling. We have installed it in many homes, giving our customers a lifetime of satisfaction and beauty. We certainly appreciate the quality of V3 flooring and don't go anywhere else for flooring. We know the differences and there's no comparison.”

Scott & Allison Whitman

Professional Hardwoods;  Dundee, MI

“My company, Real Wood Floors, has been a long time client of Schafer Hardwood Flooring Co, because they produce an excellent product, including their V3 3-ply Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring and their sales team is helpful, friendly and efficient. I would recommend Schafer Hardwood Flooring Co. for your hardwood flooring needs.”

Jason Jacobs

Real Wood Floors;  Kalamazoo, MI

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Schafer V3 Flooring; not only is it the silver bullet for moisture-related issues, it is always milled to absolute precision and is absolutely beautiful.”

Ryan Higgins

Higgins Wood Floors;  Rochester, NH

“The staff at Schafer Hardwood worked with us every step of the way to ensure we got the exact look we wanted. Our floors turned out gorgeous and we could not be happier. We highly recommend Schafer Hardwood Flooring.”

Bill & Heather

Homeowners;  Tecumseh, MI

“The excellent product and service from Schafer Hardwood Flooring has distanced them from all others. The milled engineered hickory was not only a pleasure for my installer, on top of it, the finished look was like furniture. I plan to use V3 3-Ply Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring on all of my future custom builds to continue to differentiate my homes from other builders.”

Joe Schuck

J. Schuck Homes;  Plymouth, MI

My customers demand the highest quality products for their homes.  Any time we are looking at a project that could have moisture variation (wider-width installations, radiant heat, wood species more affected by moisture fluctuations, and homes on crawl spaces or lakefronts) we put in the V3 product.  We have been using the product since its introduction many years ago, with nothing but exceptional results.  I believe 100% that the construction  of this product is the gold standard in our industry.”

William Yerke

Yerke Floors, Inc;  Commerce Township, MI